Our Pretty Little Noses

Feel the breeze of the forest, inhale that invigorating scent. look up and you see the blue sky, the massive clouds whispering peace. You’re up high looking out on the distant panoramic scene of valleys and mountain. For the moment time seems to stand still and you’re happy to stay there forever. Alas, time doesn’t stand still and finally life demands you leave your serenity and report for duty. But...how many of us think about how our noses can bring those fairy tale moments home with us? To recapture the forest breezes we just need some tree needles or pine cones to arouse those sensations. Another way is to use a bit of essential oil derived from the trees that make the aromas. You can be in the middle of a city and awaken those memories in stressful moments to call back the sensations of emotional peace.


What I mention above is one method of receiving the blessings we can gain from essential oils. Think of it as the essence of the plants energy gifted to us by nature. When the aromas connect with our olfactory senses we receive an array of powerful effects. Power to counteract stress hormones and to move our nervous system from the fight or flight sympathetic mode to the relaxed parasympathetic mode. The fastest way to receive the effects of this energy is by inhaling those essential oils, whether in a bath, or from a diffuser, a facial using essential oils, or a device like an inhaler which can be purchased or as simple a cotton ball or q-tip.

Dive In

Give it a try, get yourself some essential oils, maybe pine or fir. This is called an organoleptic exercise. Find a variety of quality oils and put a drop on something to test their aromas. I use perfume blotters. Some providers like Eden Botanicals will send you samples if you ask. Try 4-6 aromas that sound good to you and compare them next to each other. When you’ve found a combo of 2-4 oils that seem to go together well, blend a few drops and use them with one of the methods I mentioned above.

Some Of My Favorites:

Ylang Ylang

Relaxes while improving cognitive function. It increases alpha brainwaves which is an indicator of deep relaxation. Traditional use points to enhanced sexual enjoyment. It lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. Some refer to it as a harmonizer by reducing autonomic nervous system activation while increasing the behavioral arousal process. Perhaps an affirmation of the traditional use.


Reduces anxiety, improves mood and produces feeling of well-being. After 15 days of consecutive use in a study with rats it increased social interactions. It relaxes, calms, soothes and enhances sleeping time helping with insomnia. It is a natural anticonvulsant and anti-seizure agent and has been reported to have anti-spasmodic effects. Neroli is also considered to enhance sexual desire.


Santalum album essential oil has strong anti-oxidant properties and protects the nerves. It also helps prevent cell death in normal cells and is beneficial for the skin.


Pinus silvestris essential oil is neuroprotective and acts as a tonic to the nervous system. It also has anti stress effects and may support good sleep.

 Clary Sage

Salvia sclarea essential oil can be used as an adrenal tonic to help energize the body and improve mood. It is also considered to increase libido. It lowers cortisol and increases oxytocin.

Cheers, and have fun:)

These statements have not been approved by the FDA and not to be taken as advise, diagnosis, or treatment of any disease. They are for educational purposes only and to be considered at the discretion of the reader.


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