Don't hold back. We formulated a proprietary Natural Deodorant that will keep you smelling fresh all day.

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Eliminating body odor, not just covering it up.

The minerals in Dead Sea Salts address the cause of body odor specifically. Suspended in our proprietary blend for all day continuous delivery, and creating an underarm environment intolerant to bacteria, Lone is not your average deodorant.

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Customer Reviews

This is the fifth natural deodorant I’ve tried and it works!!! I cannot recommend this product enough! One application lasts all day - through workouts and manual labor and being outdoors (in sleeveless shirts to boot). Skin feels great and absolutely zero BO stink!

- Vanessa

I have tried several natural deodorants including ones that I have made. This one is amazing. No dark spots or discoloration under my arms. This works and last all day long as a person who kicks up a lot of sweat this works amazing.

- A

I've tried a number of natural deodorants with not so good results. This is the only natural deodorant that works for me and I love it. The smell is very pleasant (I love lavender!), but not overpowering. It last the whole work day for me without reapplying. Thanks Lone!! And shout out to HeyFranHey from the Friend Zone podcast for putting me on!


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