About Us

One family

We are 8 siblings raised by two great parents with the philosophy that what you do to your body matters. With everything you eat, drink or put on your skin, you are either nourishing or sabotaging your health. They must have been convincing because we all decided to buy into it.

Our legacy

It didn’t just start there. Our grandma pioneered health when it was getting lost in the 50s amid TV dinners, cigarettes and pesticides. She started health food stores because she was passionate about healing the body naturally and preventing disease with lifestyle. Because of this legacy, health and sustainability became more than a passion for us, it has become the only way to live. 

One problem

But we each faced a major problem, finding a natural deodorant that worked. Our dad was so dissatisfied with what the market had to offer, he stopped completely and just sprayed cologne under his arms. Of course, this wasn’t exactly effective and he finally decided to make his own. In 2009, he made his first dead sea salt deodorant and put it in old, empty, plastic easter eggs that we had lying around. He brought it to all of us kids to try it out. He was beyond excited and we were all more than a little skeptical, until we tried it. The potential was undeniable. Since then, we have advanced the formula, and containers, to what it is today: a product that works so well we are able to quit the bad stuff and still feel confident in our social lives. We hand it over to you for the same purpose. 

We’ve since added some products to our line and will continue to do so when we come up with things we can’t live without. The products we offer are made in house with pride and care. They are not tested on fuzzy adorable animals, they are tested on us. That's how much confidence we have in their safety.

Why we do what we do

We are now on a mission to get the world to quit putting toxins under their arms, and we want you with us. As we’re all detoxing from the fallacies of the past, and getting wise to all the things we were once told were harmless, let’s create the new norm. A healthy lifestyle that will give us all a better world to not just live, but thrive in.

We’ll leave you with this: we believe in real life. We believe in hard work but equally in fun. We believe life can be insane but everyone needs moments of sanity. We believe that means never forget to take the time to do your lone thing, because without individuals we would live in a world full of robots. That means there is always a good book to read or write, good food to eat or create, something to say yes to or pave the way for, someone to love or let love you. We believe it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. 

Do your lone thing,


The Isely Kids