Manage My Account

Hey y'all! If you're here, you've probably had issues logging into your account  with Lone. Here's a page to break down what you need to know on this subject!

First off, we need to make it clear that signing up for a subscription does not automatically create an account. If you’ve signed up for a lone recurring subscription, you still need to follow the steps below to create and activate your account, in order to easily manage your subscription.

Secondly, chances are that when you created an account, you did not realize you had to take one more step and activate it. So, let's walk through the steps to follow when creating an account with us.

  • On our site, go to the create account tab
  • Enter your info – name, email, password
  • Submit – the page should refresh saying we have sent you an account activation email
  • Check the email account you signed up with
  • Open the customer account activation email from Lone
  • Click activate account button
  • You should be good to go!

Finally, if you've tried to create an account but never activated it, please reach out to us at or fill out the message info below and we can resend your account activation email.