Sleep- it's not as boring as you thought.

We get it. 

There's hardly ever enough hours in the day to get all of the travel, work, and play done that you want to. Between meal planning, netflix-watching and exploring the hidden nooks of your city, who has time to sleep?

However, a lack of sleep can affect your entire day, from being overly irritable, feeling foggy-headed to fierce cravings for sugar & simple carbs. All of these are signs of something that can easily be changed: adding an hour or two to your schedule of shut-eye.

Sleep is powerful. 

When we are awake during the day, our body is in a state of burning oxygen and food to provide energy, using hormones like adrenaline and cortisol to do it. But when we sleep, our body transitions into an anabolic state which is where energy conservation, repair and growth kick in. 

Our bodies also produce HGH (Human Growth Hormone). This is when you get better looking. Skin repairs (including blemishes), collagen production increases, body fat melts and muscle grows. HGH works to repair the tissues in the body faster than any time when awake. It is also the prime time for rejuvenating the body and healing the immune system as it regulates the white blood cell count which is a huge part of the body's defense system.

Unfortunately, your body doesn't recieve any of those benefits from daytime sleeping, so even though a nap can help, it's best just to add an hour or two at night, before midnight. 

So grab the melatonin if you have to, shut your electronic devices off an hour early, and take a hot bath or catch up on that reading you've been meaning to do. Let your body rest, and your skin, immune system, metabolism and even hormones will thank you.

For more details on how sleep affects your entire body, check out this blog:

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