5 Unique Ideas For a Summer Bachelorette Party

Listen, ladies. We know wedding season can be stressful especially if you’re in charge of planning the pre-wedding fun, otherwise known as the bachelorette party.

Bachelorette parties have been a wedding tradition since way back when. That’s not about to stop now, and we don’t want it to. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to think of what to do, so we came up with a few ideas for an original take on a classic tradition and gave them a summer spin.

Here are 5 fun and unique bachelorette party ideas you can do this summer:

Raise Money For a Good Cause

Find a cause the bride is passionate about and have a fun fundraising competition. Talk to a few businesses/events/public locations ahead of time to make sure you’re allowed to solicit at them for a good cause. When the time comes, stage yourselves outside of said business or event and see who can bring in the most donations! Another option is an impromtu car wash but not so impromptu you don’t have time to make some good signs first. Be sure to dress up in all your bachelorette/bridal glory to keep the attention high. Up the stakes by creating a $$ pot ahead of time between yourselves (i.e. everyone puts in $10) and winner takes all. It’s up to the rest of you to convince whoever wins to treat you all to mojitos afterwards. ;)

 Budget: Low

Type: Feel good - for the outgoing bunch

Location: Anywhere

photo creds: Jens Johnsson

Take a Public-Private Dance Lesson

If you have a big group of girls in the wedding party, pitch in to hire a dance instructor (go salsa!). You can bring a portable speaker (or boombox if you want to go classic), and have a public-private dance lesson in a park, parking lot, boardwalk, town square or—wait for it—even in your backyard! One dance lesson should cost you about $70. Once you’re done, have a tailgate party to practice your moves. Be sure to bring champagne, and be ready for lots of laughs.

Budget: Low-moderate

Type: Intensive

Location: Anywhere

Challenge One Another in a Yogurt Parfait War

Who doesn’t love a good food competition? Get some yogurt, fruit, granola, nut butters, seeds, and other toppings of your choice. Provide each bridesmaid with a container and spoons as needed. Once you have the essentials down, challenge one another to creating delicious yogurt parfaits. The crazier the better! Make sure to have a judge handy so she can tell you who wins. Whoever loses has to do a bridesmaid dare of the group’s choice. DUN DUN DUN.

Budget: Low

Type: Relaxing

Location: Anywhere

photo creds: Evan Kirby

Hit the Trails (Hiking or Quadding – You Choose!)

Buy some cute hiking gear, and hit the trails with your girls! Enjoy a leisurely walk in the mountains or challenge yourself with a harder trek. You can also rent four wheelers for about $150 each per day or bring your own if you have one. Make sure to bring a picnic basket. You’re going to be hungry!

Budget: Moderate

Type: Intensive

Location: Mountains

photo creds: IshanGo Group Paddleboarding

Did someone say lake? Count me in! You can rent a paddleboard for between $20-$50/hour/day. We know this can add up quickly, so before you book your trip, check Groupon for discounts and specials. Also, if you’re paddleboarding at a lake with boat rentals, up the ante by renting a party boat as a launch pad. If you do that, be sure to bring some drinks and throw on your best bikini for some fun in the sun. Tanning oil is a must.

Budget: Moderate-high

Type: Intensive-relaxing

Location: Lake or Beach

Wherever you choose to go, we know you’ll have a blast. Your wedding week should be fun, not stressful! Enjoy yourself, and to say fresh during all of the activities, don’t forget your favorite natural deodorant.
Tell us, what are some fun ideas you have for a bachelorette party this summer? Share in the comments below. We’d love to hear them.




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