8 Ways to Decompress after Tax Day Stress

Photo Creds: Ryan Moreno

... unless you got a giant refund, then we recommend a frivolous shopping spree!
No but seriously, in honor of April unofficially being National Stress Month, albeit almost being over – we have gathered 8 ways for you to decompress after the hoopla of tax season. If we’re really being honest, I think we can always use a few tips to stay relaxed no matter what season.

1. Stay-cation Spa Day

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars at a spa to get that same luxurious feeling of being pampered. Sliced cucumbers in chilled water for your eyes (and for drinking), a hot Lone Tea Bath, roll up a towel for behind your head, add a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus oil to open up your sinuses, and maybe a glass of your favorite wine. Bonus points if you stick a towel in the drier while you’re soaking.

2. Dine Outside Your Zone

Pick an evening once every two weeks and take yourself out to a special meal somewhere you’ve never been. Order something out of your comfort zone, talk to a stranger, and maybe bring a notepad and pretend you’re a food critic. Afterwards find a city library or bookstore and stroll through the isles leisurely, picking out something to read through the week. Let your mind get quiet as you walk and just focus on being in the present.

3. Try On Some Tai Chi

Described as "meditation in motion" this exercise doesn't really feel like exercise with it's slow circular movements. Originally a Chinese martial art form, the mind-body practice is not only relaxing, it also promotes energy flow and balance. It has a myriad of other health benefits as well and is easy to learn  and can be done anywhere. So when you start to feel stressed in a day just take 5 and do the "white crane spreads its wings". ;) 

Tai Chi For Beginners

4. Plan Your Dream Vacay IRL

You know that trip to Spain your girlfriend went on that looked so amazing and you swore to yourself that you would also save up for? Well, this is the perfect opportunity to actually do it! Instead of spending small bits of money on immediate gratification often, make a plan and budget for saving your pennies so that trip touring Napa Valley’s wineries will become a reality. Not only does it give a serious motivational high to work for something bigger, but it encourages you to be more meaningful with your everyday purchases.

5. Check Your Breathing

If you work in any high-stress environment, struggle with any form of anxiety, or are just a normal person in general, sometimes it can be very helpful to step away and take five minutes to do some breathing exercises. Did you know when you yawn, it’s not always because you’re tired but because your brain isn’t getting enough oxygen? Here are a few links to some groovy breathing suggestions, in a more lifestyle fashion. But you can always pull on the trusty, “in through your nose, out through your mouth” rhythm. Draw your breath deep into your belly when you exhale and push it out of your mouth with force. Try to breathe in deeper every time you inhale, expanding your lungs and filling them with air.
Disclaimer: We at Lone do not claim to be healthcare professionals. Before starting a new lifestyle that involves any extreme changes, please do so in a responsible and healthy manner, and always ask your doctor beforehand if this is right for you.

6. Designate a Detox Day

Life gets stressful in general, but let’s face it, we don’t always treat our bodies as we should. Take one day (or all of them) out of the week to give your body a good detox with natural products. Grab a fresh juice instead of coffee, take a long bath instead of a shower (our tea bath soaks have exfoliating and detoxing compounds perfect for this!), use our natural deodorant to reset those pits, eat a salad with hearty grains and delicious fruits, read a book before bed with a cup of hot tea, turn your phone off an hour before you go to bed for some screen-free time, take a walk outside with no music and enjoy the natural soundtrack of wherever you live. Just spend a day giving back to your body – relieving it of the pressure of every day.

7. Redo Your Space

Be it your office or your bedroom, adding a little mood lighting or some flowers can drastically change the way you feel. Maybe invest in a portable record player for a timeless vibe that will both rejuvenate and relax you when you hear your favorite tunes being played on the vinyl. Find little (or big if you got that tax return) ways to refresh your space and your mind, the small details can make a big difference. 

8. Mist Yourself

Our Perfecting Mist, or as some of us at Lone have dubbed it “Mood Mace” (and for good reason!) is perfect for an on-the-go pick me up. Keep a bottle in your purse, makeup bag or in that drawer with your secret chocolate stash ;) With stress-relieving Melissa hydrosol combined with anti-aging properties of rose, healing heliocrysim and calming chamomile hydrosols – this mist is perfect for aiding when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. You can also use it as a setting spray after your makeup application, or as part of your beauty routine to help oils and serums absorb deeper into your skin. Those are a lot of winning points, if you ask us.

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