We're doing our Lone thing now.
Same ownership, same product, different name.

Lone Bodycare
Our brand was inspired and run by our family and we see our customers as an extension of that. Our goal is to make products that solve problems without creating more. We use ingredients that serve a purpose while benefiting your body. We test our products on us first, so that they work for you.

Naked ingredients that work.
We prefer to strip things back, using naked ingredients on your naked skin. It just works. Don’t cover up- strip back. Don’t clog your pores- let them breathe. Don’t mask odor- neutralize it.

Made fresh and small.
We hold the philosophy that the fresher the product, the more beneficial it is. That is why we don’t ever use pre-made bases or outsource our manufacturing. Instead we make everything in small batches from ingredients we know and trust. We don’t use harsh chemical preservatives and keep our shelf life moderate so that your products stay naturally fresh. 

What’s in the name?
On your lone, you discover who you are. Don’t take the path less travelled, take the one that speaks to you. Write your own story. We believe that when you can stand strong on your lone, you can stand stronger together.

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