Why you should stop putting aluminum under your arms



There are some things you don't want backed up:

Have you ever flushed a toilet and watched in horror as the telltale swirl failed to appear, and the quickly rising waters brought a tightening in the chest? Then comes the chaotic attempt to remove the porcelain tank lid without smashing it and frantically lifting the valve lever to stop the coming flood in its tracks? Remember the time your reaction was too slow and then…Stop! The memory turns your stomach.

Underarm sweat ducts are certainly different than a flooding toilet, but they do behave similarly when they get blocked - they back up and wreak havoc on an unsuspecting peaceful habitat.

Your body works hard to keep you healthy and it's counterproductive to interfere:

Antiperspirant deodorants stop the normal sweating process by blocking the sweat ducts under your arm. The aluminum salts get drawn into the duct until they form a plug, slowing down the sweat from being released. This seems like a good solution to persistent perspiration and it would be, except for the fact that your underarm sweat ducts are one of your body’s main resources for getting rid of toxins.

Read the following article by Dr. Joel Kahn about the effects of sweating on removing toxins;


Daily use = Lifetime impact

There may not be any reason to worry if you blocked your sweat ducts once or twice, but most of us apply our deodorant or antiperspirant every day! The chemical world we live in allows for many ways and many types of chemicals to enter the bloodstream. The body’s immune system is strong, but if it can’t function like it’s supposed to and is constantly being attacked, it tends to wear down.

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Living a healthy lifestyle is not just about making one change but making many incremental changes. Allowing your body to get rid of toxins without adding more is just one step, but we think it is a worthwhile one.

For a deodorant that protects your health and your social life:





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