Celebrating Black Business

Written By Sarah Isely and Mariah Dyson - February 14 2018


February 17 2018

I love your deodorant; kudos to HeyFranHey for the awareness and your team for this cultural tribute to Black History!

February 16 2018

I keep finding more and more reasons to love Lone Deodorant! I’m at a loss for words. Such a beautiful statement. Thank you to Fran for introducing me to Lone via The Friendzone and through the Supernatural Wellness Retreat. You all have a loyal customer.

February 15 2018

thank you so much for this! i also found you through Fran and this effort means a lot. actions, not just words. this is really great.

February 15 2018

I’ve been putting my money more into black owned businesses over the last few years whether it’s going to the Rasta juice bar in my neighborhood or buying makeup from small but up and coming brands. Thanks for highlighting and honoring black people/businesses ??

February 15 2018

I’ve been a customer for almost a year now (thanks to Fran). I love what you all are doing and so happy you’ve taken the time to recognize Black businesses.

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