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I recently read an interview in Darling magazine with ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook. When asked what role those of us who don’t align as “women of color” have in furthering equality in America, her response was that it’s important to provide access for them, because there are times when you have really talented women of color, and the doors are shut to them. 
As I read the interview I thought of how the roles have been reversed in our case. The reason many of you are using Lone products is because of Fran (HeyFranHey). Fran is not only opening doors for women of color, she has done the same for us, the white women of Lone. Her passion for helping people and creating opportunity for small brands to thrive has reached beyond any single group and created an energy that’s life changing for many. 
Now, for us Black history month is a chance to celebrate those in the Black community that we’ve been blessed to know and work with. It’s about giving back to a community who have given so much to us. Customers, friends, family and fellow entrepreneurs that are making their own mark in history. 
Throughout the rest of February we will be spotlighting Black owned brands on our blog. Follow along on social media and our newsletter to hear the “behind the brand” interviews and get a chance to win some of our favorite #blackowned products.
Words by: Sarah Isely
Lone Co-Founder


I made it a point in the last few months to shop small businesses but more importantly to shop black. It’s no secret that Black people are the driving force for popular culture, so this Black History Month I am honored to highlight black businesses that are incessantly changing the game. Within the last few decades some of the most innovative, empowering and health forward products & services have originated in the Black community.

Social media platforms have become the world’s community space and helped so many businesses thrive. Recently, we’ve seen a reclamation of black culture in the entrepreneurial worldwide web. I’ve personally found many of my favorite content creators, beauty creatives and fashionistas online. They are redefining and helping to fortify Black value in the world. 
Black buying power is on the rise, and reached $1.7 trillion in 2017. Yes, trillion with a T! This means that Black buying power is currently 8.7 percent of the nation’s total. Now could you imagine if at least half of that trillion was being tapped into by the black entrepreneurs we all know and love?  
Words by: Mariah Dyson
Lifestyle Blogger

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