Chris Matthews of Cam Theory

Meet Chris, the brains AND the brawn behind Cam Theory, the new brand of athletic clothing. His goal was a line of clothing that could cater to his frequent gym presence and still be stylish enough for his self managed modeling work. With designs that are both sleek and functional, we have officially dubbed him The Fresh Prince of Athleisure.

I want Cam Theory to be a family. I want people to feel more like family rather than customers.             - Christopher

What is the inspiration behind Cam Theory? 

The meaning behind Cam Theory is fashionable fitness attire meant for the gym and outside the gym. I am an avid gym goer, and I also model. So having a line that could cater to both was my vision for Cam Theory, Lux Fitness.

The Cam in your name Cam Theory is an acronym for creating a movement, what is the movement you want to create with your brand?

I want Cam Theory to be a family. I want people to feel more like family rather than customers. 

What challenges did you face trying to bring your brand concept to reality?

The hardest challenge I faced was finding reliable people to help build the brand. I try to do everything on my own but we all know that is impossible. 

Since your brand revolves around fitness, do you have any motivational tips for us?

We all have different reason as to what motivates us. My advice is find something! Whether it be a vacation coming up, an article of clothing you want to fit in, or someone you want to impress. 

What is your vision for the future of your Cam Theory?

I plan or reaching out to the local gyms to see if they will carry my brand. I will also be setting about booths at different fitness events in order to get the name out there.

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