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Written By Sarah Isely - February 20 2018


February 22 2018

Love seeing your journey into and ideals about wellness shared for others to see, Dana! Excited for all there is to come for you because of your passion for seeing others well and whole! :)

Leila Williams
February 22 2018

I am really elated for you and I love your passion and your freshness about life, mind, spirit and body. I am so inspired to do better with my body. I don’t claim to be doing a certain thing, it started as a fast of just vegetables for 7 days then I added Salmon and it turned into almost 2 months now and I feel better. As I said your blog was so inspirational and fresh. Go forth, you will accomplish all that you desire!

Ashley Noel
February 22 2018

You’re such a beautiful soul Dana! Your reach will be so far, soon enough, I can feel it! Keep being YOU. Keep doing YOU! YOU are amazing!

Jasmine G
February 21 2018

Where might we find The Mobile Veganista on Social?

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