Hey Dad.

 Photo credits: Jude Beck
For the guy who tried to tell us how to change a tire and we didn’t listen and still showed up for us anyway. For the guy who taught us how to shoot a basket from any side of the court but still made us do our math homework... the one who taught us truth is always the best approach but still loved us even when we told a lie. For the guy who gave us our good taste in music and even better taste in jokes ;), we wanted to give something back.
We care about you, and future generations of you. Which is why we’re asking you to ditch the 70’s deo. The research has been done and that synthetic stick that promises to make you smell nice (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) is loaded with aluminum and that crap could negatively impact your health and that is NOT okay with us. We want you around, Dad. We need you.

You don’t have to worry about that smell though. Lone deodorant is specifically formulated to cancel odor on contact and make you the freshest dad on the block. It will stand up to a couple hours outside mowing the grass, getting underneath the car to do any number of things, or pretty much anything you do that gives you those dad credentials.

Happy Father’s Day - our gift to you? A deodorant that works extra hard so you don’t have to.

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