Lone Products that Pair Perfectly with November

As the sun-kissed glow of summer fades, keeping up with hydration during fall and winter’s drying chill is a lot of work. In the busy-ness of holiday chaos, it’s tempting to ignore all that skin that’s gone into hiding since our summer clothes were packed away. That’s why we’ve whipped up some Lone goodies so captivating that we know we’ll make the time to use them, even if it means procrastinating a little longer on the Holiday To Do List. Keeping those hands soft for holding and those lips ready for kissing will be cozy priority number one after you catch the scent of these products!

We know that exfoliating your face is way necessary, but how many of us exfoliate our lips?? If you don’t, you should - our Sugar Lips Scrub has an in-house made vanilla bean infused coconut oil and organic sugar cane that works hard to slough off those flaky bits and give your lips the softest surface possible for smooching.

After exfoliating, our Chai Balm will replenish moisture and leave your lips smelling better than that chai tea latte with ingredients like black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, clove and ginger, blended of course with our vanilla bean infused coconut oil.
“Spice up” that chilly date night out or a cozy night in, with a pal, a pup or just your gift list – we don’t judge. Our Heal Balm has a unique red pepper infused grapeseed oil made by us, of course. This unique balm gives natural color to your lips and maybe even a little more pout!


BUT WHAT ABOUT THE HANDS?! Well, we’re so glad you said something. Our Chai lotion is something pretty special. Not only does it have the same deliciously infused vanilla bean coconut oil, along with our chai tea blend, but it also has a little secret. Tremella mushrooms. These little beauties moisture retaining superstars, reducing the appearance of fine lines and leaving your skin supple. Talk about a multitasker!


Wherever your seasonal adventures take you, Lone wants to keep you warm, cozy and super soft the whole way.

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