Ode To Mother's Day

Reposted from: Natural Grocers  Words by: Charity Isely

They say that it’s not only your body, your sleep schedule, and your eating habits that change—it’s also the chemistry of your brain. It’s the cells your child leaves behind in you. That’s the power of becoming a mom.

They say she’s brave and strong. It’s not because she isn’t afraid. She’s more scared than she’s ever imagined, and the only thing she knows for sure is that it’s never leaving her, this fear. You’re roaming around this world now, taking a piece of her heart wherever you go. That’s why she’s brave. She defines strength by getting up every day and embracing the fear that’s never going away.

They say there’s no place as comforting as her arms. The further you wander from those arms, the more you realize it’s true. There’s no place you’re more okay, more unconditionally loved, more capable than when your mother’s warmth surrounds you.

They say she’s a person too—an individual who deserves her own identity, outside the universal expectation that is “mom.” When you take the time to see her that way you’re in awe of who she is, undefined by you. You still get to call her mom though, and there’s nothing greater anyone could say.

We say we couldn’t exist without her, and it’s okay if that’s cliché. We want to say thank you for the courage, the comfort, and the inspiration that is motherhood. 

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