The 7 Best Stocking Stuffers You've Never Thought Of


But don’t worry about it, we totally did! I’m not sure how the rest of the world feels, but to me the holidays are always the perfect mix of “whyyyyy is it so stressful to find gifts” and “eeeehhhh this is so exciting I can’t wait to see the looks on everyone’s faces!!!” Usually I try to enlist the help of at least 3 sisters just to make sure I’m on the right path. But before I even get started, I generally spend a good 2-3 hours researching ideas upon ideas for what to give as “unique” gifts. So why not make a list of my own right?

Of course we will include a shameless plug of our own product, because to be honest, we would be thrilled to receive a Lone deodorant as a stocking stuffer. But we have a few more for you as well, so let’s get started……

Lone deodorant stocking stuffer


Lone Deodorant and Lip Balm 

When you give Lone deodorant to people you care about it goes a lot further than a one time stocking stuffer. Not only will you be giving them something they need anyway… you’ll be introducing them to a deodorant that’s actually good for them and won’t cause a negative impact on their health with years of use. Last but not least, it’s unisex and works on body odor like no other... even better than the traditional aluminum deodorants. If that’s not enough… don’t even get us started on how perfect they would find our holiday lip balms, wrapped in one-of-a-kind labels, hand drawn by our own niece and nephew.

best stocking stuffers

Disposable Cameras 

Another tried and true, I know it’s awesome at Christmas time, option. Two years ago while spending the holidays together as a family, my brother decided that cellphones were taking over time spent with each other. We all said, “but we need to take pictures”. The next thing we knew, our brother Dave had gone out and returned with a disposable camera. Not only did it make taking pictures so much more fun, it really did help us to put down the phones and really engage in the moment. 

If you’re afraid you’ll never get the film developed, trust me you won’t be able to wait, and this place makes it super easy for you!

Herbane Naturals Soaps

This wonderful company located in Paducah KY, will leave your stockings smelling heavenly. Some of our favorite soaps we have ever tried, they also send out handwritten notes with Every. Single. Package. So even though you’re giving the gift, you’ll kind of feel like you’re getting one too.

best stocking stuffers

Pocket Dictionary

Because who doesn’t want to sound like the smartest person in the family? These also make a really cool gift for someone trying to learn a new language or visit a country in which English is not the first language. You can find pocket dictionaries available in Spanish, French and many other languages.

Can be found at your local bookstore

best stocking stuffers

Cooking spices

Anyone who loves to cook, or at least loves to try to cook will appreciate this! There are so many out there but one of my personal favorites is the Thai Chili Powder from this awesome company based in Austin TX, Pretty Thai. This specific one is on the spicy side, but you can check out their link below for other options and some pretty kicka$$ recipes!

best stocking stuffers

Intoxicated Clean refillable water bottle

If you’d rather not try to find enough little things to fill a whole stocking but you care about the folks whose stockings you’re responsible for… and the earth, stuff their entire stocking with one of these “new on the scene” water bottles. Up-cycled liquor bottle stamped with the IC symbol so anyone carrying one can be part of the movement to quit bottled water ridiculousness and reuse all the beautiful bottles that would go to the trash after one use… hence making twice the impact.

best stocking stuffers

Charlies Chocolates "Don’t Make Me Snicker" bar

This one was Dad’s addition! There are Amazing things to be said about these chocolate bars, like descriptions of perfectly burnt caramel and toasty peanuts wrapped in the most amazingly rich dark chocolate… you’ll never eat a real snickers again. I've never actually tried them, so I’m really hoping someone in my family reads this, and gets the hint….

That’s my list, I didn’t check it twice. Because I have no fear that you, and your loved ones will not be disappointed!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!



P.S. If you have questions, feedback, or just want to chat about any other cool holiday gift ideas, comment below!

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