The "Lone and only" featuring Wendy Hodgen

What gets you passionate?

Coaching others and having them see their worth. One of my favorite things
with my job is to introduce something new to the team, and be able to walk
them through it so that everyone leaves with an understanding of how it will
benefit them and their families. I love seeing people become passionate
about life in general. I want to see a sparkle in everyone's eyes.

You've survived two open heart surgeries, how did that change your perspective on life?

I appreciate every day more than ever. I know that may sound cliché, but
believe me, when you face open heart surgery twice in the span of 3 months
and don't know if you will wake up when the surgery is finished, it makes
you appreciate the small things in life more than ever. I let myself make
mistakes, I let my children get dirty and not always look perfect, I laugh
with my husband about things that can't be changed. I wish everyone had the
opportunity to really live each moment like it is your last at least once.
It makes you look at life through different eyes- hopefully with more
forgiving and kind eyes. Everyone is struggling with something, and we all
need more love and forgiveness.

You're a mom, wife, and a business woman... how do you keep the balance of what you have to do and what's important?

Do I have a healthy balance?? That is the daily question. My husband and I
work as a team. I couldn't do it without him. If I am working late, he
makes dinner and gets the kids through the shower. I have learned to try
and take special time with my husband whenever I can get it. We celebrated
our 15 year anniversary 2 weeks ago with a staycation. It was the best
thing ever! No long drive, just to the Marcus Whitman. Two full days of
relaxing, catching up with each other, eating delicious food, and all with
being 10 miles from home. After my heart surgeries, I think it has been a
little easier to put value on the important things in life. Work can be
very stressful and demanding, but it will be there tomorrow. We are not
promised tomorrow with our loved ones.

What is the most important thing to instill in your children for their future?

To be kind. The love more. To help others in need. To watch for people that are hurting and draw alongside them. Love is what makes this crazy life worth every minute. Be generous with others- you will never regret it.

In your own words, define true love.

True love...... if you would have asked me this 15 years ago, I am sure I
would have said something different. True love is having someone that is
your best friend and confidant that you can trust with anything. True love
is still feeling butterflies in their touch after being married for 15
years. True love is seeing the father of your children love, comfort and
guide them through daily things. True love is being with someone who tells
you that they love you every day, and tells you that you look amazing (even
with those extra pounds and messy hair).

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