The "Lone and only" series featuring: Kim Payette

Where do you find inspiration in your day to day?

I would probably interchange inspiration for motivation. Everyday(almost), motivation comes very naturally to me, because I just love what I do. I wouldn't trade this job for the world. Raising my kids is my sole focus. Today, even the most glamorous job doesn't sound appealing. When this season of my life is passed, I will be looking at what to do with myself. But until then I live in the present.

What does confidence look like to you?

Confidence to me, is the ability to cherish who you are in the world. Being at peace with your body or even being at peace with your economic situation. To be content in all aspects of your life. And when I say content I don't mean you can't try for more. I believe in shooting for the stars but without diminishing yourself today. I think that if you dream too much of a "better you", you might start disliking your present self. Of course there's ALWAYS room for improvement and that should be why we thrive. 

What do you think is the difference between living and existing?

I believe You can exist without living but you can't live without existing.

What are you making for dinner tonight? 

We shall find out.. I will, most likely decide a plan of attack when I open the fridge a quarter to 6. Last minute scrambling through the kitchen has been my new normal the last couple weeks... don't ask me why, I don't really know...

When do you feel most like yourself?

I would say, I feel like myself the majority of the time. I do feel like I'm betraying myself when I don't stand up for what I really believe. But sometimes, I MUST remain silent for the well-being of friendship or even preserving the status quo in relationships. Then  I don't know if I'm being myself... but on a much lighter note, I feel most like myself wearing makeup and dressed halfway decent. Otherwise I feel more like a "blob"...

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