The "Lone and only" series featuring: Maria Santana

This is one of our heroes and our favorite cook. She made us breakfast and we sat at her table and asked her questions... we hope you enjoy our conversation with this incredible woman.

Anna: You’re superwoman… single mom of 8 children and you work multiple jobs on top of cooking the most wonderful meals for everyone. How do you do it? 

Maria: It’s my monkeys. If I didn’t have kids I would probably just live in the mission, not pay rent.. not cook for anyone haha. The kids are the ones who have made me strong for everything. Being a single mom is not easy so I realized I have to do it even if I don’t want to.

Yes, that's a really good point, you've been a single mom, not just a mom... a single mom of 8 kids.

Maria: I have to provide everything but my kids have made me the strongest. Sometimes I feel tired, I’ve been working two jobs since I was 18 years old. Sometimes I say when are those monkeys going to grow up because I'm just going to live in the mission and not worry about anything else hahaha.

What makes you feel the most relaxed?

Maria: I feel relaxed when I go shopping which is almost never. I like to go beauty shopping. I don’t do it often because I always have to save money for my monkeys. I feel like everyone feels that way though, it feels good to pamper yourself. I like to shop at the goodwill for things like furniture, sometimes I find really good deals. 

What is one of your most memorable mom moments?

Maria: When I have all my kids together it’s always the most fun time. They used to come every Friday and I made dinner for them all, but we don’t do that as often anymore because it was just too much. I still do it, but not every Friday because it makes me so happy when I see all of my family together.

What is the most important thing to you? 

Maria: Family… friends, spending time with my girls. (Us awwwwww <3) 

Tell us your beauty secrets because you look amazing. 

I don’t look amazing haha.. but I think when you don’t worry too much for your kids, that’s how you look younger and I really don’t have stress about my big boys. I have a friend that looks super old but her kids are in jail and she cries all the time. With my kids, probably because they love me so much, they don’t get in trouble. When you have kids and they are troublemakers the mother carries all this worry. I never use cream not to get old, I just use my oil… 100% Squalene oil I get it on Amazon for like $11. It’s very simple. I went to this thing where they were demonstrating a face cream and the lady said how old are you and I told her my age and she said oh you don’t need to come… what you use is better than what we have. haha
(We all took pictures of her Squalene oil so we could buy it too because this woman glooowwws!)
We love you Maria!!

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