The "Lone and only" series featuring: Sarah Mayhew

What is one of the biggest challenges you've faced as a female business owner? 

People not taking me seriously as a chef, owner, or professional who is capable of the task.

What do you love most about the social aspect of cooking for people?

I love the interaction with people, the feeling of happiness when people express how much they love my food.

You have a unique style with your food delivery business and we love what we've seen, what is the mission of Sipid Bites?

I want to promote healthy food that makes the soul happy. There are so many healing properties of the ingredients I use the most, and to share that healing power, warmth, and the love that I put into my food is important to me.

One impactful moment that changed your life forever?

Deciding that HMOs should not dictate how I care for my patients, and leaving the pre-med program to pursue other career options and discover other opportunities.

How do you define open mindedness?

The willingness to look passed the outside appearances of people or situations and get to know them on a deeper level before making assessments or judgments. Seeing that another perspective could also be "right".

You have some of the most amazing skin we've ever seen.. any secrets you can share with us? 

I loofah in the shower everyday, use moisturizers with all natural ingredients, take Epsom salt baths, and drink plenty of water.

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