The most relaxing way to get your skin holiday ready...


Baths... simply saying the word makes you want to close your eyes and lean in to the relaxation.  Clear your mind.  Breathe.  Of course we would all love to soak in the exotic waters of the Caribbean or the geothermal pools of Iceland, and let's not forget the tea lake in Australia - yep I said tea lake!  But since most of us live in places that aren't just down the street from these dreamy destinations, I have created my own tea lake. Ok more like tea pond. Tea swimming hole. Fine, tea puddle deep enough to sit in - regardless of it's size or location, soaking in one of these pretty much puts you anywhere you want to be. In your mind. Yes! It's that relaxing and exotic. Tea baths are the perfect way to stretch out and absorb healthiness with the side affects of beauty. No pills needed. Immune boosting properties, antioxidants, minerals - a tea infused bath is a great way to soak these up.  So don't just drink it, bathe in it! 

My own personal tea bath experience- which I now indulge in once a week goes something like this:
Dry brush skin before getting in the bath. 
Relax. Clear your mind. Drink wine. Or tea.
After bath, dry off with a dark colored towel to prevent tea water from staining it. 
Moisturize tea kissed skin.  

Extra Tips:

Put tea bag on your eyes while relaxing for 5 minutes. 

Use tea bag as a face cloth, or you could always use a snorkel, just don't deprive your face of the experience.

Add fresh citrus slices or rose petals, organic of course, for an even more exotic experience.  

Read a book, or don't.  

Make the tea bath your new happy place.

Lone Tea baths are a combination of skin beautifying herbs and nourishing Dead Sea Salts. They come in 3 luxurious combinations: 

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