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Have you ever been to a good wine pairing dinner? The kind that opens your eyes up to new flavor combinations and leaves you with a sense that you’ve now elevated beyond simple eating to an entirely new experience in “tastes”?

 All good things come in pairs as they say, or maybe no one has ever said that yet but we are now. ;) It’s that time of year… and we know you’re subjected to countless gift guides throughout the holiday season, but you’re still scouring the internet for that unique givable. Something that stands out and makes you feel like it won’t be so easily forgotten amidst the million other things. Good news, we’re here to lead you through an elevated experience in gift giving… one that will make you feel almost as many feels as the receiver themselves. 

Let us introduce the art of “gift pairing”.

2017 for us has been all about women supporting women. As a primarily female owned and operated company, we have been blessed to have some of the most amazing women on the planet supporting us throughout our journey of growth. Without them we wouldn’t be where we are, and we want to carry on that torch. So, this one is about supporting the girls with the guts to pursue their passion, follow their dreams and never let anyone tell them they can’t. Our holiday gift pairing is us and them... their good things with your favorites from our own collection, for a combination your loved ones won’t forget anytime soon.

p.s. We know shipping isn’t a fun extra when you’re trying to steer clear of Amazon and support small brands, so we’re offering free shipping to the readers of this blog for a limited time so you can spend the rest of your budget on the gifts we hope you pair us with. Just use the code PAIRING through 12/10/17. 

Check out these 11 women owned brands and our pairings:

1. Knits, Soy & Metal 

This super rad company is based in Baltimore and offers 100% Soy candles which are made in small batches, a variety of hand knitted items which are free from any animal bi-products, and they even offer jewelry that is locally made. What’s really cool though is that they offer candle-making classes, as well as wholesale pricing options to anyone needing help with a fundraiser! Their website gives complete instructions and any company who loves helping others is definitely doing something right! #blackowned #womenowned


    This duo would be perfect for your sister or mom who frankly has outdone herself this holiday season, and you really want her to know how appreciated her efforts are. Momma’s are almost always doing too much, spending way too much money, and washing way too many dishes. These Scented Soy Tea Lights paired with a Jasmine Green Tea with Rose Tea Bath would encourage her to take some self-care time, and let someone else clean up for a change!

    2. Vince and Soph 

    This company was created by a woman named Anjelica who was inspired by her kids Vincent and Sophia. When they were young she was frustrated by the culturally gender-appropriated clothing options available (i.e. monster trucks for boys and ballerinas for girls) and wanted to create clothing that reflected their Mexican-American roots. Her vision resulted in an apparel line crafted with their individual version of Spanglish, giving way more options to babies, young kids and adults. They offer custom orders for those who have strong family traditions and want to be dressed in them (Mom’s all over the world are singing Hallelujah!). Not to mention they have one really awesome mission. They donate 10% of all of their proceeds to organizations that support the families whose homes and neighborhoods have been affected by the wildfires in Santa Rosa, CA – their hometown. This is definitely something we can get behind! #latinowned #womenowned


    ‘Tis the season to have a baby. That friend who just gave birth won’t be upset at you for straying from the registry with these fabulous onesies  . Include some of our Warm Chai Tremella lotion hydrating enough for her, and gentle enough for baby. Packed with tremella mushroom and other natural moisturizers rich in antioxidants, it’s the lotion that always nourishes and never irritates.

    You will be dubbed the best gift giver in all the land*.

    *cannot guarantee this title, but she will really appreciate it.


    3. Herbane 

    This company is based out of Paducah, KY and specializes in handmade, natural soap. It was founded by a gal and guy who were really tired of putting all the chemicals that are in commercial soaps and cleansers on their skin, so they did something about it and made their own! The two had been long-time friends, but became neighbors, and then business partners, fell in love and now they’re married (so many feels over here). They source a lot of their ingredients locally – working with coffee shops and breweries (uhm, yes please). SPOILER ALERT: Lone will be featuring some of their soaps on our website this season, so good you want to eat them! #womenowned


    Skip the typical shower gift set that is chocked full of toxins and artificial fragrances. Make your own shower set with an Herbane Natural Bath Bundle and a Lone Mint Deodorant for a clean, refreshing follow. A perfect combination for that loved one with hygiene at the top of their list!

    4. Oh So Paper

    Born out of a love of all things planning and organizing and a suggestion from her 7 year old son, this veteran mom was finally able to make her dreams of creating her own designs come true in 2016. She puts the FUN in FUNctional with sassy, colorful notebooks, organizational planner inserts and bold greeting cards. She’s got a little something for everyone too in her individualized sticker dolls, where you can even choose your skin tone! #blackowned #veteranowned #womenowned


    A women on the go needs some flair and a good lip set. Pair this Oh So positive message notebook with a Lone Lip set for gift that will lift a busy friend throughout her day. Lone lip set includes an exfoliating sugar scrub to slough off dead skin and keep lips smooth and polished for any event + our Warm Chai lip balm for a sweet sweet finish.

    5. Lulu’s Chocolate 

    In 2006 the founder knew that she had to give up sugar but after a discovery of a raw cacao tree in Hawaii she realized that she could create a product that would not only give her some missing health benefits but also satisfy that “chocoholic” craving us ladies are so guilty of. The chocolate is high in Magnesium and is made with a variety of ingredients, ranging from Maca Root, Coffee, and even different varieties of Cannabis Oil! Their cacao is 100% wild-harvested, heirloom Arriba from Ecuador. They have a direct relationship with their suppliers who are paid a living wage to hand harvest the wild cacao pods. Their packaging is compostable and/or 100% recycled, printed with veggie ink, they donate product AND 1% of all proceeds to charity. Chocolate that is good for you and good for the environment? Sign everyone up plz. #womenowned


    Chocolate and chocolate. What a perfect combination, if we do say so ourselves. Indulge in a square or two of 68% Cacao with Vanilla while you indulge your skin with our decadent Chocolate Mint Tremella Lotion. Not only can you feel good about eating this Magnesium-rich bar of goodness but you can also feel guilt-free layering your skin with scents of rich cacao and organic peppermint in this ultra nourishing natural moisturizer. Gift this to a gal pal who has a sweet tooth or give yourself a treat for Christmas. Your body will thank you.

    6. Anda P’al 

    Based out of Seattle, but born in Puerto Rico, a Cuban-American woman named Rita designs and makes small (and adorable) bags that reflect her culture and nostalgia for Latin America. She has a heart for home (Puerto Rico), loves her big, diverse family and works hard with foundations that help support the families affected by the hurricanes in San Juan. She has an on-going list of organizations that are donating and offering relief as well as drop-off locations. You can find her blog with more details on how to help here. #latinowned #womenowned


    We don’t know about you but we love a gift inside a gift. This NPI (Ni Puta Idea, loosely translated to no f*@king clue) bag resonates with most of us at least once a day, and we can’t think of a better place to carry your Rose Perfecting Mist. Among it’s many skin benefits including a clear and glowing complexion our Perfecting Mist has also been dubbed “mood mace”. So for that friend with a high stress job, it’s a win win!

    7. Trades of Hope 

    This company was created by four women who wanted to give more opportunities to artisan women around the globe. Sex-slavery survivors, women in third-world and war-torn countries, single mom’s raising handicapped children, women with HIV/AIDS and leprosy, and so many other backgrounds are able to sell their handmade jewelry, clothing, bags, home décor, accessories, plus a whole lot more from a home party model. You can find pictures and stories of the artisans behind the quality work on the website. Gretchen Huijskens, Holly Wehde, Chelsie Antos, and Elisabeth Huijiskens have been working hard with other organizations such as Seeds of Hope and Sweet Water Girls Ranch to give girls who have been sexually exploited a chance at new life. To read more about their mission and their efforts click here. #womenowned


    To the friend who looks beautiful with no makeup, and her hair always seems to fall naturally in place and she chooses feminine and minimal pieces of jewelry or clothes to complete her look. This stunning Charisma Bracelet is simplistic but anything from ordinary, wrap this pairing up with a Sweet Lavender scented deo to keep her feeling and smelling fresh, these two will definitely be a winner.

    8. Onya’e Naturals 

    Jasmine Onya’e Kelley formed her own mini skincare line for her Graphic Design Thesis when she started doing research on natural products for your face, body and hair that can be made from ingredients found in your kitchen. She does all the work for the business herself and wishes to inspire others to take care of their bodies and use products on their skin that offer nourishment and are healthy and not harmful. #blackowned #womenowned


    What could be better than a spa day? Well instead of a gift card, gift a DIY at-home spa getaway. Relaxing and soaking in a Holy Basil Tea Bath while giving your face a much needed detox with a Bentonite Clay Mask? Sign us up right now! The Tea Bath will rejuvenate skin with its antioxidants, while minerals and anti-fungal properties work to support healthy, blemish-free, glowing skin. The Clay Mask, when mixed with water or Apple Cider Vinegar is given a negative electric charge that removes toxins from the skin, both inside and out.

    9. LL Designs Moccasins 

    If you missed our feature of this amazing brand from a few weeks ago, you can find it here. But this lady is so cool we had to mention her twice. LLoree Dickens (aka LL) is the owner and one of the artists behind this 100% Native American, handmade moccasins brand. Many companies are formed with a Native American “theme”, they are mass-produced and a lot of the time make a big profit by exploiting the Native culture. LLoree recognized this injustice so formed her own company that would provide high quality, authentic, Native made Moccasins while inspiring others to also help pave the way toward more true Native establishments. #nativeamericanowned #womenowned


    For the adventurer in your life – give them these pair of perfect “Louis Artisan Brown” Ankle Moccasins and our favorite water saving cleanser to boot! (That, our friends, was an excellent pun) These beautiful Ankle Moccs are completely handmade from brown elk leather and black deerskin with a soft and pillowy inside feel, and a durable but flexible sole. Our Lone Facial Cleanser is the perfect compliment to any adventure as it can be used on the go, anytime, anywhere. Just spray it on and wipe it off with the nearest clean piece of cloth (we poets here). We recommend carrying a bamboo washcloth along as well to make that “clean cloth” an easy find.

    10. Brewbles 

    A 24 year old Xilangx/Mexican immigrant named Catheryn Estefania Rodriguez Rangel started this small business to help put herself through college and further her education. She crafts bath bombs and salves that give her nostalgia and remind her of memories from her childhood, and one of the best parts- her ingredients are all natural and toxin free. All the proceeds from her effort go into a college fund and to continue her awesome self-care awareness efforts. #latinowned #womenowned


    This combination is perfect for that roommate who despises winter and would rather be soaking up the sun on some tropical island. An El Valle Bath Bomb will provide the feeling of warmth amidst tropical flowers. Pair it with clean underarms via Lone Coconut Lime deo that smells of our favorite island drinks. Ah not to worry, those days will be back before we know it.

    11. Block Shop Textiles 

    This awesome company was created by two sisters Hopie, and Lily – later to be joined by Yvette and Sonia on a mission to create heirloom textiles inspired by a California feel mixed into a traditional Indian hand block printing process. They have kept their printing down to the science that has been used in India for centuries which makes every single piece they do individual and one of a kind. Their textiles have a high social benefit and a low environmental impact. They donate 5% of all their profits to building community healthcare programs. Their initiative focuses on women’s health and development by providing hundreds of women with primary care check-ups, cataracts surgeries, glasses, and water filter installations. To read more about their efforts click here. #womenowned


    To that friend who always impresses everyone with her hostess skills, and the friend who always find gifts for people that are the crowd favorites – this is for her. This delicate but intricately made Girard Scarf was inspired by Alexander Girard tissue paper cutouts from the 1960’s, made with silk and cotton, with natural dyes and raw edge ends. This scarf is made with hard work and detail, and is absolutely one of a kind, just like her. We don’t know a better pairing than a Lone Holiday Gift Set. Complete with our favorite products; a Tremella Lotion, Lip Balm and Natural Deodorant, that are all completely natural, and as always free from any toxic ingredients. Let that friend know how much you appreciate her attention to detail, with a complete package of products made with love and care.

    We are so touched by all the women we cross paths with who continue to inspire us and make us proud to be business owners. Women who have stepped beyond their circumstances to create beautiful products that we are excited to purchase. Keep doing what you’re doing ladies!











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