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So we know that our bodies are a complex ecosystem of cells, from our skin to our brain. We’ve got nerve endings to tell us when we are in pain, and cocktails of dopamine and oxytocin to tell us when we are in love.

 But sometimes what’s going on with our hormones goes deeper than what we can see or even feel, until maybe it is too late.

Many antiperspirants and commercial deodorants contain estrogen imitators.This is bad news for women and men, as it can cause mood disruption, birth defects and weight gain, as well as some potentially more serious long term effects. As you may have read in our last blog post - studies are continuing to find that those little amounts of chemicals from each swipe of commercial products actually do build up in your body.

But what’s more, is some studies have proven that when males and females develop hormone related cancers - such as breast and prostate - it can be related to an overexposure of certain hormones that contribute to these cancers. This could be a result of blocking the apocrine sweat glands with aluminum based underarm products, increasing the absorption and synthesis of these hormones through the sweat glands. Keep in mind that these particular sweat glands contain all of the enzymes needed to metabolize these cancer causing hormomes. These glands are also responsible for pheremone expression, the chemicals that play a key role in attraction, motivation and social response among other human interactions. A lifetime of blocking the glands that secrete these babies might also be messing with our social lives.. maybe that’s why dating sucks these days?

While researching the research we also discovered a staggering statistic: as the rates in antiperspirant sales have risen in the past few decades, so have the breast and prostate cancer rates. So much more research is needed to get the full picture on hormone alteration and the correlation between these cancers and antiperspirant use, but the evidence so far should not be ignored. Hormones and pheremones play such a key role in our health and daily life, and to throw them out of balance can have unwanted consequences on so many levels!

 If you want to protect your boobs as much as is within your power, don't add to the list of possible BC contributors.. use a deodorant that protects you in every way. We know of one that fits all the criteria. ;)

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