Why Tax Season Is The Pits

As April rolls around, a scenario that probably feels all too familiar is getting what feels like 10,000 forms together for tax season, having any interaction with the IRS (as if giving them half of your hard earned money wasn’t enough, two hours on hold can push you over the edge), or trying to remember everything you need before hitting “submit” on those DIY tax sites. Oh yes, this month is not lacking in ways to get the cold, stress sweats. Have you ever noticed how those anxiety sweats can have an especially bad stank? Well it turns out there’s a reason for that.

Yep. Here’s a little science talk. Stress causes nasty odor-y pits. That doesn’t sound scientific, but we promise it’s true. What happens is this:

Apocrine sweat glands, although located in several places, are most numerous in the armpit area and are physiologically stimulated. When stimuli such as stress, anxiety or pain is introduced, your body produces a different hormone than what is secreted under normal sweating circumstances such as say, exercising. When you are stressed, the sweat that is produced is made up of water, proteins and fats which bacteria then feed off of. Because this type of sweat has a lot more nutrients for the bacteria to feast on, it produces a much stronger, fouler odor. You have an INCREASE of sweat under these conditions as well, resulting in a double bad situation that does no favors for your social life.

Basically what this means is that when you stress, your body produces a lot more, and a lot stinky-er sweat. How lucky are we, right?

Good thing for you though, we have your back, and your pits! Lone deodorant doesn’t fail you in the hard times, it can take care of even the nastiest of odors so that no one including yourself has an extra reminder of that tax season stress.

From now until April 17th, our deo is 17% off! Because with all the stuff going on during this season, the last thing you should have to worry about is an obnoxious body odor.

So the next time you start feeling stressed, you can remember to relax and take a deep breath, because when you’ve got Lone in your pits, the person next to you won’t have to hold theirs.


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