How is Lone deodorant different than all of the other natural options?

Many natural deodorants use baking soda (which a basic deodorizer), arrowroot or essential oils to fight bacteria and hopefully odor. Lone deodorant works with the active ingredient of Dead Sea Salts, processed in a way to address the cause of body odor specifically and neutralize it rather than just absorbing it or trying to cover it up.

I used a natural deodorant with baking soda but after a while it started to give me a rash, will your deodorant do this too?

No, our deodorant doesn't contain any baking soda and actually seems to improve underarm issues with continued use. We've even had customers tell us that it eliminated the common underarm darkening that often comes with years of using toxic deodorants. It also improves ingrown hairs and irritation after prolonged use. We do however suggest that you check our ingredient list for any known allergies you may have and discontinue use if you experience a reaction.

How often will I need to reapply?

For most people, Lone deodorant works all day with one application. Unlike many natural deodorants, with Lone less is more. You do not need to apply extra deodorant thinking that more will work better. Please carefully follow the application tips on your tube for best results.

Is Lone an antiperspirant?

No because you can’t technically have an antiperspirant without using aluminum to clog pores. Antiperspirants are actually a patented OTC drug and cannot be replicated unless under that patent. Lone does not block pores, but creates a balanced underarm environment that over time seems to cut back on sweat.

Will my body have to go through an adjustment period before Lone starts working for me?

Lone should eliminate body odor for you right away with your first application. However, if you have been regularly using antiperspirants up until trying Lone, you may have an adjustment period where your body seems to sweat a bit more than usual as it detoxes from the habit of having it’s sweat ducts clogged with aluminum. This adjustment period should balance out within a week or two and with prolonged use of Lone deodorant, you may notice a general decrease in sweat over time.

Where can I buy it?

Our online store lonedeodorant.com is the best place to find our deodorant, get exclusive discounts and easy monthly subscriptions. We can also be found in Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage across the country.