New Packaging Q&A

When will the new packaging preorders be shipped?

Product will begin shipping out October 28th at the latest! We’re doing preorder because we have a limited supply this first run, and we want all of our loyal customers to have a chance to reserve theirs first.

Does the new tube contain the same amount of product as the old one?

YES! The new tube still contains the same amount you’ve been getting in the old packaging. It’s just a sleeker, less bulky tube. They also contain less plastic per tube which is a step in the right direction! We are continuing our work to bring you packaging that fits both our sustainability and convenience criteria, and will be updating you throughout our transition. 

Will the price change?

The price for all of our current Bold scents will remain the same. Our new scents (spoiler alert) will be priced according to raw material costs but still reasonable and well worth it!

Will the applicator be included with my order or is it separate?

The applicator will be included with first time orders at the time of release and then offered as an added option for a small cost on following orders. Our hopes are that people will find them reusable and lasting, and opt out of a new one until needed again for waste cutting purposes

Does that super small amount (shown in our “how to use” video) really work? I use way more than that now.

Yes! Amazingly, the applicator does such a good job of covering the whole area and helping it fully absorb- so a little goes a long way!  Extra benefit: it makes your tube last longer!! There are no rules though, so we suggest you use the amount that works best for you, and if you prefer a finger application, go for it!

If I already have a subscription will it automatically switch to this packaging?

Because we are not sure everyone wants to switch, we will not be switching subscriptions automatically, but here is a link to easily switch your subscription before your next shipment! We definitely recommend giving the new application a try with your next shipment. :)

Is this the same Bold formula we’re used to, or has it been changed?

It’s the same formula with some slight tweaks to improve consistency, but all of the active ingredients are the same! Here is what we changed:

  • Replaced cocoa butter with shea butter because Shea is more stable as a thickener/emulsifier.
  • Added coconut oil for improved consistency as well as its native deodorizing properties.
  • Switched saponified cocoa butter out for saponified coconut oil to improve scent and consistency.
  • Adjusted constituents to make it less irritating for people with sensitivities.

Will you guys still have the old option? I’ve never had an issue with it & love it.

Yes, we will be keeping the current tubes available until we have new application options that satisfy everyone!

 Why did you choose to move to an applicator version instead of direct to skin? It doubles the plastic is all.

Thank you for asking! The #1 reason is because we needed to find an effective solution to counteract the frustration with our Bold tubes as we work towards our ultimate packaging goals- that was still a step forward in our sustainability goals. The applicators are reusable as well as silicone which is a more sustainable resource, so we hope that in the long run it will reduce plastic and waste. Of course, if you prefer to use your fingers instead of an applicator it's totally your choice! We wanted to offer something that made the application enjoyable, and we feel like the applicator does that. We are currently working on bringing back a direct to skin option that is far more environmentally friendly than our current Bold tubes, it’s just a little longer of a process to find a solution that meets all the criteria. We can’t wait for that to be available, and in the meantime we hope you’ll give the new applicator a chance because it has some extra perks you can’t get with a direct to skin tube! <3

Was mobility taken into consideration? I travel a lot so the separate applicator isn’t appealing.

Surprisingly, it’s not as inconvenient as it first seems. I (one of the founders) was skeptical about the convenience aspect, but I have already traveled with mine a lot and it actually doesn’t feel any more difficult to me. I keep it with my deodorant in a little travel bag and the applicator is really durable and washable so I feel like it stays sanitary. A couple added benefits that I have found- I can share my tube if my husband forgets his, and I can use it for feet or any other body part if I need to. I’m not sure I will go back to direct to skin, or at least I will keep both on hand!!